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Wellness Wednesday- Warm Lemon Water

WELLNESS WEDNESDAY Why should you try a cup of warm lemon water each morning? We love this morning ritual. We start our morning by heating the warm water before we even hit the coffee brewer. Squeeze half a lemon into your cup and enjoy. Here are some of the amazing benefits of sipping this citrusy tea each day: * Lemon is an excellent source of vitamins. Particularly Vitamin C. *Warm lemon water early in the morning helps flush out toxins from your body. *Can reduce pain and inflammation. *Its a digestive aid *Can aid in boosting your immunity *Natural electrolytes; potassium, calcium, and magnesium. One fun tip we picked up from Pinterest. Squeeze several fresh lemons into ice cube trays. Freeze. Pop one ice lemon "ice cube" out each morning for an on hand supply of lemons for your tea. We hope you enjoy. Let us know what other fun morning rituals you have. These are just a few of the benefits. Of course everyone's bodies react differently and always be sure to consult a physician before introducing any holistic approach as a replacement or aid to something they've prescribed.

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