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Herbal Cosmo Mocktail

And Just Like That…

I captured the perfect herbal ally Mocktail for your next girls night. Not only did I clean up the ingredients, but I turned it into a powerhouse immune support so you and your ladies can look good + FEEL GREAT at your next social.

As we await the return of Carrie Bradshaw for Season Two of the new HBO series ‘And Just Like That’ we celebrated our own ladies night here in Ventura, CA.

Joining forces with fellow entrepreneur and Wise Women, Nicole Messner; we opted for a mindful evening of yoga, intentional connections and herbal mocktails. Nicole and I have dreamed of co-creating for years, and while we've got our trip to Costa Rica in April (details here), we wanted to do something intentional to begin the year.


Before we dive in, a short thought on the recipes I share here in our Library. When I create in the kitchen I do so from a very intuitive space.

  • I don’t measure.

  • I don’t write it down

  • And to be honest, because I'm not selling products at this time, I’ve never created the same thing twice…

There is magic in the freedom to create from the place I’m feeling in that moment and the next. Working with plants, especially, gives me the power to tune into my own True Nature and listen.

While I could attempt to make measurements for you to follow precisely, I’d like to invite you to find the permission to explore + TRUST how you layer your intentional curation… or better yet MAKE IT YOUR OWN!

Herbal Cosmopolitan Mocktail

Full of Immune Boosting + Mood Lifting plant power.

Learn more under the instructions list

What you need:


Licorice Root

Oranges (or fresh orange juice)

Limes (or fresh lime juice)

Honey (make it local)

Bubbly Water

Rosemary for garnish

  1. Create an herbal infusion aka Tea: Bring a pot of water to boil. Turn off the stove top + place your hibiscus petals add a small dose of licorice root into the hot water + cover. Let the hibiscus be the power flavor here when 'eyeing' your dosage. We’re essentially subbing this pink delight in the recipe from traditional cranberry juice. We want that strong hibiscus flavor to sing.

  1. After a 10-15min steep, let the tea cool fully. Strain in a glass container and refrigerate. If you’re in a BIG hurry you can also add ice and lessen the bubbly water you'll add in a moment.

  2. In a separate bowl, juice 1-2 oranges + 2-3 limes (I used Key Limes from my yard, so if you have larger limes you may use less). Scoop a few heeping spoonful of honey into the citrus mixture. Wisk this together with a fork. This will help the honey thin (never ever heat honey). To taste, it should be heavy on sweet with a balance of orange coming through and lighter on the lime.

  3. Pour citrus + honey into the container with your tea.

  4. Add bubble water to your herbal infusion. Consider this to be about 1/3 of the total liquid. So if you've made an 8oz tea blend add about 3oz of bubbles.

  5. Taste… trust your instincts here. If it needs more sweet, add another scoop of honey to a separate bowl. Squeeze another lime half to again thin out the sweet honey. Add and dose accordingly until you find the flavor that matches your pallets desire.

You can add some ice to a cocktail shaker to shake and chill your mocktail, or just serve with ice and garnish with a sprig of rosemary.

Sip. Laugh. Connect. Repeat!


Want to know about our Cosmopolitan Plant Allies**:

Hibiscus: Rich in Antioxidants, Mood Booster, Immune Support, Helps Curve Cravings

Licorice Root: A Natural Sweetener for Centuries, Immune Booster, Digestive Aid, Bacterial + Viral Infection Aid

Orange: Vitamin C, Digestive Support, Helps Iron Absorption + Collagen Production

Limes (Key Limes): VITAMIN Rich, Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-oxidants, etc

Honey (local): A Natural Sweetener, Dry Cough Ally, Allergy Support + so many other benefits, but you also support your local bee keepers


I'm Jessy Raspiller, Venture Well Founder + Clinical Herbalist. I've had a passion for optimizing my own health + wellness for the past two decades. I'm excited to rouse others curiosities through the practices, rituals and allies that I've turned to time and time again.

**Please use caution when introducing new herbs. Never blindly take herbal remedies without learning more about their constitutions and contraindications. It’s important to consult with your medical professionals to ensure that herbal allys you’re curious about will best support your overall well-being.


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