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Herbal Allies: Spring Tonic

Let's begin to Spring Forward + Enliven those Vitale Life Forces

Make a Spring Tonic Detox Tea

Let's make a Spring Tonic

Whether we hibernate or not our bodies go through seasonal shifts. Now’s the time to slowly begin shifting the body gently out of winter and towards spring.

A simple herbal infusion is a beautiful way to bring vitality back into the organs, skin, and our overall level of energy. Spring tonics can support us both energetically to shed the dense layers of winter but also to give us the boost of energy we need to do a little inner Spring Cleaning.

Here's a quick how to begin to imagine your own herbal spring tonic, or follow along and brew up our Spring Tea.

Thoughts on the Herbal Ally's we've included in our Spring Tonic:

Nettles :: My favorite SUPER GREENS. Chock full of vitamins and minerals that help balance and stabilize the body.

Dandelion Root :: Dandelion is one of the first plants to come up after winter, indicating it’s season synchronicities. Liver support + blood cleaner. Overall a good systems cleaner.

Burdock Root:: Not only did the burrs of Burdock, help invent Velcro but it’s good for cleaning the sticky spaces in the body. TCM sees Burdock as a power Qi or energy stimulant. Helping to break up stagnation

Calendula :: Bringing a little bit of the spring sunshine into our blend. Calendula is a beautiful ally both internally and externally for inflammation.

Try out our blend, or share your favorite spring Allies.


I'm Jessy Raspiller, Venture Well Founder + Clinical Herbalist. I've had a passion for optimizing my own health + wellness for the past two decades. I'm excited to rouse others curiosities through the practices, rituals and allies that I've turned to time and time again.

**Please use caution when introducing new herbs. Never blindly take herbal remedies without learning more about their constitutions and contraindications. It’s important to consult with your medical professionals to ensure that herbal allys you’re curious about will best support your overall well-being.


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