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Venture Well Spa
Meet our Wellness Practitioners


Jessy Raspiller

Somatic Herbalist + Owner

Jessy’s awakening moment was when she realized that our experiences are linked to the symptoms of pain, anxiety, and even euphoria that we perceive at a physical level.  It’s been her life’s mission to understand first, how to heal her own body through emotional awareness and expand the quality of her personal Life Force/Qi/Energy.  Through studies in countless Eastern + Western modalities, Jessy in turn, provides services ranging from Energy Work, Herbalism, Somatic Mentorships, Meditation + Breathwork, and Yoga.  Combined with her innate wisdom, Jessy acts as a channel for her clients to begin to discover + uncover their own path to a life without boundaries.

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Lisa Gotwals

Loana Healing

Lisa is a holistic nurse, energy guide, and channel of divine guidance here to help you find wellness, balance, and clarity on your journey. Lisa blends Native American techniques, divine guidance, and powerful modalities such as energy work and sound therapy, to naturally activate the healing process that you hold within. Lisa empowers you to embrace a radiant existence by clearing blocks, reawakening your cells, activating your DNA, alleviating inner turmoil, and offering guidance on your life's purpose. Lisa is a published author, has led sacred ceremonies, holistic retreats and currently offers 1:1 healing sessions and Sacred Destiny Mentorship.

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Sarah Zelman

Ayurvedic Based Healing

Sarah Zelman is a holistic healer with a range of different modalities. She offers Ayurvedic based massages, Shirodhara oil therapy, sound healing and life coaching. Along with her offerings Sarah also integrates breathwork, aromatherapy and acupressure in her sessions. Sarah has dedicated her life to holding space for people to feel safe and held while creating a sense of community and oneness. She can't wait to share her light with you.

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