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Venture Well Spa
Meet our Wellness Practitioners


Jessy Raspiller

Somatic Herbalist + Founder

Jessy Raspiller is the Founder + Somatic Herbalist at Venture Well. For the last decade she’s dedicated her life’s work to learning the Lost Healing Arts. Jessy has over 1000 hours of study + certification in Herbalism, Somatics, Qi Renewal, Yoga + Meditation. In 2023 she launched the first Wellness Spa + Herbal Apothecary in Ventura Co. Her vision is to teach others the simple nature of rejuvenation from the inside out. 

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Lisa Gotwals

Loana Healing

Lisa is a holistic nurse, energy guide, and channel of divine guidance here to help you find wellness, balance, and clarity on your journey. Lisa blends Native American techniques, divine guidance, and powerful modalities such as energy work and sound therapy, to naturally activate the healing process that you hold within. Lisa empowers you to embrace a radiant existence by clearing blocks, reawakening your cells, activating your DNA, alleviating inner turmoil, and offering guidance on your life's purpose. Lisa is a published author, has led sacred ceremonies, holistic retreats and currently offers 1:1 healing sessions and Sacred Destiny Mentorship.

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