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Self Health Care

30 Day

Somatic Herbalism Journey

For individuals seeking a natural BALANCE to our modern world

Our 30 Day Somatic Herbalism Journey is an opportunity for you to find your equilibrium. True health and well-being is achieved by supporting the body's natural abilities to heal and restore balance. This program has been designed in a way to allow you to begin to access the wisdom of the body’s overall health and to build strong habits that support a greater sense of autonomy.

Together we will explore the layers of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Through these layered lenses we can begin to get a perspective of who you are in balance and how it looks/feels when you’re out of balance. The goal is that over time, through the integration of plants and practice, you become adept at continuously making your way back towards that balance state of being. 


Our bodies continuously respond to the environment, our social surroundings, our emotions, how much we slept, how we ate and so forth. We are incredibly resilient, but there are times both seasonally as well as the season of life we are in, that we have opportunities to support and even intentionally build that resilience

Why do we focus on Adaptogens?

Adaptogens are like nature's roots.

They ground us, they help us to  remain flexible, and they provide the opportunity towards healthy longevity.​

Stress is a naturally occurring hormone in the body, but when we maintain a low grade (or extreme) level of stress for an extended amount of time, it kicks other body systems off line. In times of high/extended stress the body's innate response is survival. It will prioritize this over things such as:

  • Reproductive Hormones

  • Digestion Balances

  • Immune Response

  • Serotonin Levels

  • Metabolism

  • Focus and Memory

  • Sleep

You may currently be experiencing an imbalance with one or more of these as well as other unnamed symptoms ​of prolonged stress states.

Adaptogens in their purest form have the ability to 'read' a person's current state and in turn level body systems up or down depending on the innate need. In herbalism we call this a "trophorestorative" reaction.  Meaning a plants medicinal qualities can respond and recalibrate based on a scenario, rather than a single focus.


Best Practices:: Adaptogens work best over time.  Some individuals will report noticing differences immediately, but when taken regularly adaptogens are incredible at supporting the bodies nature resilience and adaptive nature.

It's also important to note that Adaptogenic plants are powerful, but they do not replace the need for us to have a healthy relationship to the stress we find in our lives.

When we work with plants, such as Adaptogens, we allow them to help us find neutral so that in turn we can adapt our lives to become more sustainable.

The 30 Day Experience:

  1. Your journey begins with a Somatic intake form, an important element to begin to open up the layered perspective.  Not only will you begin to discover yourSelf from new vantage points, but it will provide the lens we use to guide our session together.

  2. Our time together will be a 90min in person (Venture Well Spa) or online session.  This experience will be as unique as you; filled with conversations, deep dive questions, guided meditation and/or somatic based practices. We infuse this time with exploration of plants and practices that will support new habits over the next 30days.

  3. From our shared experience you'll be supplemented with "homework", or better yet, play work.  This work will be easeful and joyful with the deeper intention to birth new habits that will allow you to bring more balance into your everyday.

  4. My work will be to interpret the elements of our 1:1 experience and blend a custom Adaptogenic Tea for you to use over the next 30 days. The herbs chosen will uniquely support the goals we establish from our session.  You will be asked to sign off on your tea and the individuals herbs included.  In doing so, it allows you take take ownership over this journey and feel empowered by your plant allies.  Your custom Adaptogenic Tea will be ready for pick up or delivery within a few days.  

  5. Over your 30day cycle I'll be available for a weekly text check ins and to respond to questions that may arise.  At the completion of this cycle we will jump on a 15min call to assess how this journey went, what you noticed, and how you hope to continue forward.  At this time you're welcome to refill your tea and/or explore continued support.


I look forward to supporting you as you discover balance through your
True Nature

**When booking, please allow at least a 48hour window from now.  Once your session is confirmed, I'll follow up with an email that includes a welcome note and the link to your Somatic Intake form. You'll want to have a quiet moment to complete the Intake as well as allow me adequate time to process through your form.

What clients are saying

I initially began this program with Jessy to address some chronic digestive health issues I have been struggling with for almost two years. I have tried everything from functional medicine treatment to acupuncture and traditional therapy. While all of these things helped temporarily, I have never been able to find something that allowed me to find sustainable healing. As a result, I turned to this somatic practice in order to explore any underlying emotional or trauma issues that may be causing an imbalance in my body and preventing me from truly healing. I have worked with Jessy numerous times, and every session we have together is extremely supportive and enlightening; this was no exception. Through guided meditation, we uncovered emotional trauma that I thought had been resolved and brought it to the surface so that it could be released. After the session, we also started to incorporate flower essences into my daily routine to further support me on my healing journey. This is an ongoing healing journey for me, but even after one session, I felt physically and emotionally lighter, and was able to tap into my body’s wisdom for self-healing; my physical symptoms also lessened. It is so difficult to explain exactly how this program works, because it is different for everyone. Jessy is incredibly intuitive and has such a gift for tapping into what each individual needs to support them on their own journey. I am one of her biggest fans and highly recommend working with her if you

are looking to delve deeper into your own intuitive wisdom to heal yourself.


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