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Love Potion 805

“She looked at my palm and she made a magic sign

She said "What you need is Love Potion Number 805”

It's February!

Let’s brew up those loving feelings with this magical herbal potion… aka tea blend.

We’re combining all those sensual, heart opening, bright spirited herbs to give you something truly magical. Whether you’re celebrating Self Love this season or you want to share an herbal cheers with someone you love.

Make sure you steep up some of this special Venture Well blend!

We will have a small batch of this potion for sale at our First Friday event, February 3rd. Make sure you advance registration to save your spot and call dibs! Register HERE


Love Potion 805 - Tea Blend

Let's FIRE things up with:

2 parts Damiana

1 part Cacao Nibs

1 part Rose Petals/Hips

1/2 part Lemon Peel (you can use fresh if you’ve got it handy or find a dried product)

1/2 part Ceylon Cinnamon

1/2 part Licorice Root

Decide how much you’re making and then portion the herbs in these ratios. Allowing Damiana to be the heavy hitter, cacao + rose to compliment it, lemon, cinnamon and licorice are the undertone boosting flavors.

Steep for approximately 8-10mins (Rose doesn't love a long steep).

Want to know about our Love Potion Plant Allies**:

Damiana: Aphrodisiac- a history steeped (pun inteneded) in reputation for boosting the libido. Damiana is toning + brings vitality both to male and female reproductions. **Use caution while pregnant

Cacao Nibs: Those bitter vibes are wonderful for helping with stagnation. Cacao itself is often thought of a heart opener, but Bitter herbs help to literally and energetically move waste/stagnation out.

Rose Petals: Did you know that Rose vibrates at the highest frequency and it’s the reason roses are seen as a romantic gesture. I included Rose Petals for it’s heart opening.

Lemon Peel: Vibrant + Uplifting as citrus has a way of being. Lemon peel is also a great mover for toxins. And when we remove that which is not serving… makes way for what we desire.

Ceylon Cinnamon: That nice spice. Cinnamon is naturally warming and a mood enhancer.

Licorice Root: Unlike the candy Licorice Root lends a sweet flavor that helps bring this herbal tea blend together.

Sip. Laugh. Connect. Repeat!


I'm Jessy Raspiller, Venture Well Founder + Clinical Herbalist. I've had a passion for optimizing my own health + wellness for the past two decades. I'm excited to rouse others curiosities through the practices, rituals and allies that I've turned to time and time again.

**Please use caution when introducing new herbs. Never blindly take herbal remedies without learning more about their constitutions and contraindications. It’s important to consult with your medical professionals to ensure that herbal allys you’re curious about will best support your overall well-being.


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