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Friday Focus- Yama of Asteya


Every Friday for the next several weeks we will be releasing a "FRIDAY FOCUS" on the Yamas for you to meditate on over the weekend and practice in your upcoming week! This weekends focus is the 3rd Yama; Yama of Asteya Sanskrit term for non-stealing Asteya reminds us that our source of happiness should have an internal focus. The meaning is far more in depth than just refraining from stealing material items. The bigger focus is: not longing/lusting/borrowing things that are not offered. A hands off way of living. If it's not yours...walk away.....actually run! The action patterns can be so subtle that we don't even notice we are stealing others: time/thoughts/ideas/energy. This can be as simple as constantly being late to dates that you promised you'd be on time doing are taking away from the other person.

There are so many ways to practice this Yama on and off the mat! We look forward to diving a little deeper with it in our classes this week!

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