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Friday Focus- Yama of Brahmacharya

VALUE YOURSELF + OTHERS Today we are introducing the last YAMA of our "FRIDAY FOCUS" series

This weekends focus is the 4th Yama Yama of Brahmacharya:

Sanskrit term for vowing to be established in thought/word/& deed

Our amazing brains have tremendous energy and enormous will-power to practice this Yama! One example of practicing this Yama is, practicing self-control over our impulses of excess. This can be in the form of: shopping/food/sex/drugs/TV/Instagram/people pleasing, etc. Whatever is it that we lose ourselves in, indulge and obsess over ... those things take us further away from following our true path. Think about how much time and energy we waste on our impulses. Use this Yama as a powerful motivator on your QUEST! We hope you have enjoyed this series as much as we have!

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