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Wellness Wednesday- Peach Burratta Summer Salad

Peach Burratta Salad

Last Friday we celebrated our monthly Ventura Pop Up Yoga team get together. Since many of us teachers are on opposite schedules a month could go by and our paths will never cross. So dinner has become our way to bond, keep in touch, and brainstorm all that is to come for our amazing yoga community. We are also all foodies so bringing some potluck items has become a way for us to share yummy recipes too!

We were already so excited for Lisa to join us this month. When she walked up to the house, my heart had a little flutter when I saw this salad (and her of course). I LOVE Burratta cheese.. I love Peaches... and I was about to love everything else she combined into this yummy salad.

This is a must for simple, light, summer salad additions. I love the unique combination of flavors, from the creamy burratta to the sweetness of the peaches. Check out the ingredients below and enjoy with some of your friends!

Peach Burratta Salad:

Mixed Greens or Spinach

Tomatoes Halved

Fresh Peaches Cubed

Fresh Burratta Cheese

Olive Oil drizzled on top (Lisa recommends Templeton Olive Oil from Lassens)

Balsamic Glaze drizzled on top

Salt and Pepper to taste

Basil for Garnish

Mixed together and enjoy. The salad can be made as big or as small as necessary.

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