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Friday Focus- Yama of Ahimsa


This weekends Friday Focus is the 1️st Yama Yama of Ahimsa:

Sanskrit term for non-violence

Ahimsa makes us aware of the words and actions we take towards others and ourselves. Many times it is how we react to an event or a situation that tests our Ahimsa. If someone cuts us off on the street we may cringe and use some choice words but using the practice of non-violence we can learn to have compassion to how we react in a situation. The key to Ahimsa starts within. If we can find respect and compassion internally first, it becomes easier for our natural reactions to be kinder and gentler.

Start by practicing Ahimsa on your mat. Allow self judgement and doubt to not be an option while you move through your practice. Turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts and instead offer yourself compliments. See how this starts to transform your practice... eventually it may just flow off the mat with you.

Every Friday for the next several weeks we will be releasing a..... FRIDAY FOCUS on the Yamas for you to meditate on over the weekend and practice in your upcoming week!

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