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Wellness Wednesday- Earthing

Wellness Wednesday- EARTHING

What is this newly trending concept? Earthing is the process of grounding and connecting physically with the earth. The benefits are said to improve sleep, energize you throughout the day, and even drain stress and tension away.

Even though this is a new trend, this is something that humans have connected to for most of our existence (probably without knowing it). As modern humans we have a tendency to be indoors and typically have shoes on while outside. Without realizing it, we are in turn not experiencing the benefits that Mother Nature has to give to us.

Jen had a chance conversation with a woman over the weekend, who mentioned it was a great time to have a grounding experience. She suggested Earthing to be the perfect prelude to ground as we head into Mercury in Retrograde. With all of these wild winds today, we thought what the heck let’s get physical with Mother Nature.

Here is our experience:

Ironically as we head out the door, Jen has to catch herself as she’s slipping on her shoes. It made us realize how inclined we are to not be barefoot when we are outdoors. We walk out across the concrete patio to the patch of grass at her front yard. We slip our toes into the freshly mowed lawn and kind of laugh in a way to say “now what”.

We began observing how our feet felt against the lawn vs the pavement. There was a softening almost supportive feeling that came from being one with the grass. Some of the research we did (aka Google) suggested touching leaves and even the grass using our hands as well as our feet.

We took some time to use our senses and share what we were experiencing. The sweet scent of Jasmine hit our nose as we took a deep breath in. We felt the wild wind against our skin and the soft grass beneath our toes. Looking up we saw the sun and took in the bend and flow of the palm trees overhead. After about 15 mins of Earthing we had collected our results.

While I can’t say with scientific data that we feel more energized… or that we will sleep better tonight, we did have a positive reaction to the experience. What we felt afterwards was a sense of ease. We realized that the experiment for us was about pausing to take a moment for ourselves. By doing so outdoors it really let the buzz of our daily activities float away.

In summary make sure you take some time to root down with your barefoot in the grass, the sand, or even just lean against a tree from time to time. Better yet join us for Yoga in the Wild every week to make sure you get those bare feet in tune with Mother Nature (sorry that was an easy plug for Pop Up Yoga).

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