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Wellness Wednesday- Natural Remedies for Cold and Flu Season

W E L L N E S S W E D N E S D A Y Who out there has been fighting the nasty cold, cough, runny nose fun that has been passed around? We stopped in our local @wholefoods store the other day to refresh our cabinets with some natural remedies and preventive measures. We thought we would share some unique tips that we've come across this season that can potentially help you as well. 1. Oil of Oregano- as soon as you feel that slight tickle in the back of your throat or your coworkers are passing around the seasonal cough grab your Oil or Oregano. Each dosage of the liquid form can differ by brand but typical recommendations suggest 2-4 drops on your tongue 1-3 times per day. This isn't meant to cure your symptoms but it will add an extra layer of defense. **Note that this has a difficult after taste so have a bottle of water handy.

2. Sugar- Do your best to avoid sugar when you are under the weather. This is debatable as sugar is a hot topic in our society. But some studies have shown that sugar can act as an immune depressant. Does anyone else pick up on the correlation of cold season falling amongst the sugar infused holidays? Take a moment to also check the labels of over the counter medications for sugar additives.

3. Vitamin D- Another challenge this time of the year are our shorter days and lack of natural Vitamin D. Vitamin D plays a similar role that Vitamin C has always said to for the cold. So stock up on your fish or grab an all natural Vitamin D supplement at your local health food store.

4. Probiotics- Although they are a bacteria they're the good kind. Probiotics have been shown to have the opposite effect on our immune system as sugar. They act as an immune booster and best case scenario a preventative measure.

5. Neti-Pot- A sometimes intimidating process the Neti-Pot can play an important role of helping to clear those stuffy nasal cavities. It can relieve sinus pressure and has the potential to naturally clear up the mucus for an extended period of time. One tip is the water temperature: Too Hot or Too Cold can create a stingy affect in the nasal passage. Use Luke warm water and mix saline completely. With all these tips don't forget to stay hydrated. Its importantly remember that everyone's bodies are different. What worked for one person may not work for you. Also, we are NOT doctors and you should always consult your doctor before trying a new holistic approach to anything.

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