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Friday Focus- Yama of Aparigraha

VALUE YOURSELF + OTHERS This weekends focus is the 5th Yama Yama of Aparigraha:

Sanskrit term for non-hoarding

A song that comes to mind that aligns with this Yama perfectly is the #mgmt track titled "KIDS"....the chorus says "CONTROL YOURSELF, take only what you need from it."

We put so much time/money/energy into this worldly life guarding and gaining our possessions that we miss the true bliss that has been mapped out for us.

One example to practice this Yama is: This upcoming holiday season, we will all have so much marketing on all of our gadgets shoved down our throats on things we "need" and "can't live without." Really stop and think about your purchases......are they truly beneficial? Are they breaking the bank? Do we even have room for them? You will be surprised on how much less pressure you will feel when you really put Aparigraha into action.

Give from the 💛 this season!

Every Friday for the next several weeks we will be releasing a....."FRIDAY FOCUS" on the Yamas for you to meditate on over the weekend and practice in your upcoming week!

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