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Friday Focus- Yama of Satya

VALUE YOURSELF + OTHERS This weekends focus is the 2️nd Yama Yama of Satya:

Sanskrit term for truthfulness

Being true in ones thoughts, actions and speech. Most likely we think of truth as not to lie. While that is the case we can be just as dishonest with ourselves as we are to others. Here is a little dose of truth here at VPUY. Each Friday our goal is to share these posts with you in the morning... We want you to have a thought to take with you for your Friday and into the weekend. But here we are and it's NOON!! The "truth" is today life happened! So while it may be in our nature to scramble to get this post up for all of our wonderful followers to read and share their thoughts; today we let go of the false expectations WE set for ourselves and took care of some life matters that were pressing... And guess what?! If you're reading this now I bet the little knots we got in our stomach for not following through with our personal expectations were all for not. The moral is that while we have expectations of how we would like life to happen it doesn't always play out how we would like. BUT if we live our truth and believe whole heartedly in what we do than we can begin to master Satya. Here at VPUY our truth is to teach you yoga, have fun while doing so, and hopefully offer little spoonfuls of thoughts on how to bring your yoga practice off the mat to also find balance in life. So thank you to our yogis for all of your continued support that helps fill us up each day and is allowing us to live our truth.

Every Friday for the next several weeks we will be releasing a....."FRIDAY FOCUS" on the Yamas for you to meditate on over the weekend and practice in your upcoming week!

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