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Wellness Wednesday- Yoga Travel Guide

Pocket Sized Yoga Travel Guide!

It's that time of the year. The kids are out of school... the weather is thinking about letting go of the June Gloom... and we can't wait to hit the open road for some adventures. But road trips and endless flights can take a toll on our bodies. Especially when it comes to constant sitting, inconsistent eating and drinking behaviors, and many times late nights or early mornings.

How can you make sure to take care of YOU so you can stay healthy and feeling good during your travels? We've put together a pocket size travel yoga guide. All you need is 5 mins and possibly a hotel towel (no bulky yoga mat required).


First and foremost breath... If you do nothing else after reading these tips and tricks at least give yourself the benefit of mindful breathing. It calms the mind, releases stress and most importantly brings you back to the present moment. So whether you find yourself peeking over the edge of the Grand Canyon or running from line to line at Disneyland, PAUSE! Give yourself that particular moment to breath several long breaths.

Inhale Peace. Exhale Chaos.

I can promise you'll remember that snap shot of time even better because you consciously came into the moment.

Downward Facing Dog

Down Dog/Walk The Dog:

Bring some movement into your body before or after a long day of adventures. If you've been stuck sitting all day or need something to warm you up for a long journey ahead, make it a Down Dog. DD is the perfect way to stretch the backs of your calves and thighs. It will elongate the spine and even help to energize you. Bring some ujjayi breath to this movement for added stress relief.

By peddling your feet you can massage your sciatic nerve. This is the perfect posture to do morning and night.

Happy Baby Pose

Happy Baby Pose:

One of my favorite postures for lower back pain. This big toe hold benefits as a hip opener and stretch to the inner thigh. Add a slight sway side to side to help release any tension your spine is holding. This feels so good at the end of a long day.

Reclined Pigeon Pose

Reclined Pigeon:

Happy hips help keep travels smooth and will keep your lower body active and limber. Reclined pigeon has many variations. The most basic, pictured above allows your spine to release and your right hip to open. This can be taken a bit deeper by hooking hands on either side of the left thigh or shin. Of course switch sides after several breaths in this posture.


Standing Pigeon Variation

If you're stuck in airport between flights with a less than desirable flooring and no hotel towel handy... Find a flat wall to rest your back on, sit back in chair and take a few moments with each foot supporting the opposing hip.

Supine Twist

Supine Twist:

This is the best posture to support digestion. Eating different foods and inconsistent water consumption during travel can create all kinds of issues. This twist not only release the spine but brings fresh new blood and oxygen back to the organs. This can help revitalize the digestive system throughout your journeys.

Take several moments on both sides. Keep your shoulders connected to the earth and allow the twist to come from the belly button. Focus on long ujjayi breath to fully benefit from this posture.

Legs Up the Wall

Legs Up the Wall (Inversion):

One of the most restorative postures you can do at the end of practice. This is really great for blood circulation. If you've been in the car or experiencing jet-lag , this can re-balance your body and relax your mind in just a few minutes. Remember with this posture LESS IS MORE! Kick those legs up the wall and relax! You've earned it.

I hope your summer ahead is the best yet. Between adventures come share some yoga in the wild with Pop Up Yoga!

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