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April 23-28, 2023


related to or embodying the powers of nature.


Buena Vida :: Costa Rica
Co-Ed Yoga + Surf Eco-Retreat
April 23-28th, 2023

We’re not offering you an escape.  We’re inviting you to discover a sense of freedom.


For thousands of years yoga has cultivated continuity within the mind, body and spirit.  For those that have dove into this practice, its principals have brought them to life in a unique way.  The breath, the philosophy, the movement are each unique teachers.

Buena Vida is about Self discovery.  This retreat is an opportunity to push out of your comfort zone; trying new things, discovering new places, and finding your people as you connect to a deeper sense of joy. Through this exploration, new pathways may be opened and systems recalibrated in a way that cultivates quality in life... those Buena Vida vibes


~Cheers to the good life~

A vacation is the intention to vacate oneself from everyday life. 

A retreat is the invitation to step into oneself and discover the beauty, the fulfillment and strength that resides within, in order to return to everyday life refueled and thriving.

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All Inclusive

We will spend 6 days + 5 nights in exploration.  Rolling out our mats, paddling out on surf boards, seated quietly in meditative reflection and equally adventuring towards a quality connection. 
The unique beach, meets the jungle landscape of Dominical, Costa Rica will encompass us. 
Rich locally sourced organic meals will nourish us. 
Like minded individuals will support us.

Cleanse your mind, body and spirit in this life giving retreat