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Wellness Wednesday- Awareness Not Judgement

Awareness Not Judgment

Thank you for being patient with our delayed blog post as we truly wanted to honor the time that we felt was necessary to break down the high emotions that have flooded our Country in the last several months leading up to the 2016 Election results. No matter how you voted, it's time for us all to take the next step towards acceptance & being the change that we wish to see moving forward. We are here to help and support in any way that we can to help unite us all as one.

As we have taken time to hold space for the recent election results, we have a strong sense of responsibility/urgency to wrap our arms a little bit tighter around our community and dive deeper in providing a "safe space" for you all to feel united in love. Truly a "Come as You Are" environment.

Since having our doors open for less than 3 weeks, we keep hearing words like:

*Thank you so much

*I feel so welcome

*What can I do to help?

*I’m so excited to be a part of this *I’m so glad i showed up for class tonight

*I feel like i belong here

*Thanks for listening to me

These phrases literally make our hearts explode and are honestly what keeps us going. But it got us thinking....if our community feels like this for 1 hour a day, what if we opened the flood gates and offered 25+ classes a week?

So, what about if you could experience yoga before work? Or a lunch time class? We’ve also heard from you that evenings are an important time for more options. So without further ado we introduce you to our newest weekly additions that will start Nov 14th:

Staying true to our affordable & accessible nature we will continue and even expand our outdoor donation classes. As we grow into this space our new offerings will have an affordable investment that will allow us all to go deeper into our practice with 75 min classes and help maintain this community.

This is just the beginning. We know it’s also important to have community off the mat and look forward to many fun workshops, events, and even cups of tea in this space. We look forward to your feedback, ideas and suggestions as we continue to add more.

Don't see a class type/time on the schedule that works for you? Email us at:

We are understanding how important it is during uncertain times in the world to have a physical space to come to that all you feel is loved and supported from the moment you walk in, to the moment you much that when you exit to go on with your day you can't help but put kindness back into a broken world.

At the end of the day, the world needs a big hug and we promise to do our best to always make your feel welcome, safe, and encouraged to be YOU! We hope this is a place that you can be aware that we are all different but not judge in those differences. Instead, let's find common ground and make deep connections with one another.

This is YOUR space, so come drink from

The Venture Well!

United we Stand,

All of us

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