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Welcome River Galindo

I first met River at a Yoga on the Sand class last fall as he was moving to Ventura. It felt like there was this deeper connection there and I looked forward to reconnecting him when he returned from travels. A few months ago fate brought us back together at Cemetery Park. I watched as River shared his drumming with the community and just smiled in acknowledgment of his deeper passions radiated outwards.

I'm excited to welcome River to Ventura, but also to the VPUY Family. Please follow along his journey: @riveryogaflow

Name: River Thomas Galindo B-day: March 12th, 1989 Hometown: Bakersfield

Tell us about the evolution of your yoga practice: 5 years teaching has gifted me the opportunity to adapt a stronger indivudal flow. Allowing a more persnal experience quniquel created for each shared practice. I've been encouraged to continue to lead from the heart and allow the magic to happen.

What’s one thing you wish you could tell yourself when you began your yoga practice:

I wish I could tell myself to set healthy boundaries.

Why do you teach yoga:

I teach yoga because it's a passion and because I want to empower others. How long have you taught: 5 years

If you could have lunch with any inspiration individual (dead or alive) who and why: I would enjoy lunch with Jim Morrison because I am inspired by his poetry and magnetic energy. I love his origanility and vulennrability.

Favorite Treat: Acai bowl from Revel in Ojai or Sunrise Shack in Hawaii Favorite Book: The Gospel of the Redman is a favaorite How many countries have you been to: 2

Spirit Animal: Hawk One thing we don’t know about you: I live on a sailboat

River is joining us as a sub as we create a permanent teaching space for him. We're also looking to share some of his passions around supporting children in finding a space in yoga and nature. Stay tuned for some fun visions we're working on.


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