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Permissions Breath :: Wellness Wednesday

Welcome back to an old favorite with a new twist.

We're getting back to our weekly ritual of sharing wellness with you; tools, tips, techniques, philosophy, and practices that have brought a deep sense of enrichment into our lives. In turn we hope that by creating this platform and sharing through videos this time around, that we can meet you where you're at and create some weekly inspirations to enrich your world.

We're kicking things off with a breath technique that over time and practice can deepen the sense of trust with in an individual. This technique can support you in navigating life's big and little challenges as you make decisions that can align you towards a deeper sense of fulfillment.

As Jessy shares in this video clip: "If I could share one piece of wisdom with every individual, this would be the tool I would share. It's built this incredible sense of trust within me that no external resource or affirmation has ever been able to provide. When I connect to this breath, I know I'm aligning myself with the decisions that are most true to me."

We hope you enjoy. We'd love to hear how you integrate this practice in your everyday world. Of course if you need any further guidance or you have a quick question on tuning to this technique, please don't hesitate to reach out.


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