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Meet Paisley O'Shea

There's something special about Paisley, and to be honest I don't think we've all gotten to experience enough of it. Paisley joined our team last Spring as a sub, but her previous work commitments only provided time/space for her to teach a few classes with us.

After spending the last 6 months in New Zeland and attending an incredible Yoga Teacher Training, Paisley is home to us. We're excited that when these park doors open we get to extend Paisley to you on a weekly basis now. She'll be taking on our new Thursdays 9:30am practice.

You can find her online offerings here:

- Other Zoom classes will be shared via Instagram: @paisleyoshea

Get to know what makes her shine!

Name: Paisley O’Shea B-day: July 24, 1997 Hometown: Ventura <3

Tell us about the evolution of your yoga practice: In all honesty, from the start, my yoga practice was purely based off of physical aesthetics. I started yoga because I was a competitive swimmer in high school, and I wanted to help keep my muscles long for better performance in the pool and to deepen my physical fitness practices. I also wanted to be “that fit yoga girl”—I know, I just cringed too. However, yoga is a funny thing. The practice sneaks you into this state of presence and inner peace without any effort or knowing. It’s a gateway into a gentle self-discovery. I began to fall in love with the subtle practice of breathing and moving. Sometimes, my yoga practice is just taking a few deep and complete breaths to start my day. My practice has evolved from a workout into a lifestyle and it couldn’t be more beautiful.

What’s one thing you wish you could tell yourself when you began your yoga practice: USE THE DAMN PROPS! You are not weak by utilizing the juicy help that they provide. It is so much more fulfilling to deepen into each asana with love and compassion, rather than dissing the block or the strap because it doesn’t look gramable.

Why do you teach yoga: I love to help people feel free in their bodies. There is something so magical about guiding students to surrender to their breath and let their bodies move and groove.

How long have you taught: I have taught yoga for only about a year and a half!

If you could have lunch with any inspiration individual (dead or alive) who and why: Tony Robbins! He is arguably one of the most inspirational human beings on this planet. Seriously have watched his Netflix documentary and embarrassing 5 times. His energy oozes confidence and drive and I would hope that if I were to have lunch with him, his pizazz would rub off on me! He is also an incredible author. I love the way he thinks and would feel honored to pick his brain.

Favorite Treat: apple and peanut butter

Favorite Book: The humans by Matt Haig

How many countries have you been to: 14

Spirit Animal: dolphin

One thing we don’t know about you: I absolutely hate bananas. I try them every year to see if my taste buds have changed-- no luck yet lol.


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