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Meet Heather Perry

Heather has been here since the beginning! She laid the ground work for our flagship practice, Sunday Soul as we formally launched Ventura Pop Up Yoga into the community. She's been consistently teaching Sunday Soul for 5 years now. Showing up each week and pouring her heart into this practice that has connected with so many over the years.

She's been continuously showing up for your each week through quarantine. Holding our traditional weekly gathering, so that we can continue to stay connected and rooted in this experience together. I can tell you from an insider that she's been using this Great Pause to cultivate even more of herself to pour out to each of you. More to come from this beautiful being.

In the meantime catch her this week for Sunday Soul.... she'll be taking two weeks off as she packs and moves into a new home here in Ventura!

Name: Heather Perry

B-day: June 16th

Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Tell us about the evolution of your yoga practice: 

I came to yoga to receive physical and emotional healing during a very difficult phase of a challenging chronic illness.  With my first  teacher, Tina, I was able to become more intimately connected to my body and more aware of how my illness had affected my emotional landscape.  I am so grateful to her. I went to yoga as a ritual of self healing but I knew, shortly thereafter, that I had to offer this practice with others.  I wanted to offer those who may be intimidated by yoga or believe they cannot “do” yoga because of there physical challenges, a safe and compassionate yoga experience through which they come to know that yoga is for every Body and Soul.  I continue to learn through my teachers and students and I continue to share as I grow within my life’s work.  In the last 3 years, I have gone deep into self-study and meditation and am currently taking an intensive 2 year training to become a Mindfulness & Mediation Guide and Mentor. My hope is to offer trainings and mentorships offering service to other teachers wanting to reach those within their own community and those who need the healing that yoga offers body, mind and soul. 

What’s one thing you wish you could tell yourself when you began your yoga practice:

Slow down and savor the subtle.

Why do you teach yoga: 

I teach yoga to offer my service (seva). Yoga is meant to be passed down to others and offered in the spirit of love and compassion for all beings. I pass on the practice that I am so humbly grateful to have received and continue to receive through my teachers so others may benefit from yogas centuries of wisdom and so they may deepen their own self awareness.

How long have you taught: 11 years 

If you could have lunch with any inspiration individual (dead or alive) who and why:  

Heather left this blank so I'm just going to make some assumptions and assume she wants to have lunch with me when this is all done ;)

Favorite Treat: Layered cake!

Favorite Book:  Siddhartha, Herman Hesse,  my first introduction to the teachings of meditation and yoga. I have two copies. 

Spirit Animal: I have 2 .  The elephant and the butterfly. 

One thing we don’t know about you:

I am naturally blonde. I have been a redhead for 22 years.  


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