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Meet Lauren Snyder

We'd like to kickoff our Teacher Feature with the lovely Lauren Snyder. Lauren joined the Pop Up team in 2019, but has been an active member of our community for too many years to remember.

When we get BACK to the parks, Lauren will be teaching a new class on Thursdays at 6pm :: Village Yoga. Her spin on All Levels, All Ages, All Mobility yoga. We're excited that she will also be hosting some monthly picnics after this class that students and their families that join us can pack dinner and expand our connections with one another.

You can follow along with her current virtual offerings via:

In the mean time get to know this lovely women:

Name: Lauren Snyder

B-day: April 23

Hometown: Ojai, Ca

Tell us about the evolution of your yoga practice:

My Yoga practice began in my teens. My best friend’s mother was a longtime Yoga teacher and infused Yoga practice and philosophy into her daily life, so I lovingly absorbed it where I could. From there it was a long and slow process, peeling back layer after layer until my twenties when I really developed a deeper curiosity of the practice. When I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease after I gave birth to my son, I hit a bit of a stumbling block, as I navigated this new world of chronic illness. The more frustrated I became with my physical body’s developing limitations and my active asana practice; the more I began to seek out deeper levels that promoted Yoga as a more complete lifestyle. I discovered Restorative Yoga, Accessible practices, breath work, and meditation as a means of adapting my practice to my personal abilities. It is what has fueled my desire to create spaces and teach classes that are flexible and adaptable to hold space for all levels of practitioners. Now, my practice is a part of my daily life, whether or not I actually step foot on the mat.

What’s one thing you wish you could tell yourself when you began your yoga practice:

There is a quote by Jivana Heyman that I wish I had found years ago, because it resonates so deeply with my journey,

“You could say that each yoga pose is like a question, and each person has a slightly different answer to that question. No answer is wrong or right. They’re all unique. Plus, we’re all changing moment to moment, and what is right for us one day may be wrong the next. I always suggest finding the essence of a pose by asking yourself why you are doing it. You can explore this through practice and study. With that deeper understanding, it becomes possible to adapt your practice to a personal and creative expression of your spirit.”

Why do you teach yoga:

I teach Yoga to share space; to connect; and to be in community with others. I teach to continue learning and growing in my own personal practice.

How long have you taught:

I have been officially teaching for almost two years now.

If you could have lunch with any inspiration individual (dead or alive) who and why:

Can I just have a potluck dinner picnic with a bunch of them instead? ;) Although, if I had to pick, I think that right now, a double date with Glennon Doyle and Abby Wambach would not only be inspiring; but also full of belly laughs and I love a lunch date full of good food and laughter.

Favorite Treat:

I make a world famous holiday peppermint pattie candy. It’s my ultimate treat!

Favorite Book:

That's like asking me to choose a favorite child!

However, the most life changing book I have read recently is "Braiding Sweetgrass" by Robin Wall Kimmerer. Not only was it an incredibly enjoyable book, but spoke to me on a very deep soul level

How many countries have you been to:

Just one, but our family spent a month on the road traveling cross country and are avid road trippers. So, I’ve seen a lot of this one.

Spirit Animal:


One thing we don’t know about you:

I relish slow and purposeful activities…crafting things by hand, gardening, cooking meals from scratch, mending clothing, reading for hours, writing letters. Growing, preparing, and drying my own medicinal and culinary herbs is one of my favorite activities that fall into this category.

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