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Ventura's Spring Break: Day Tripping

Ventura Spring Break fun

Ventura is in prime location to experience some of Spring's best adventures both near and far.

Commonly known as the “season of change” or the “season of growth”, Spring in Southern California is blooming with events that’ll spark any adventurers curiosity. Check out these fun ideas for your dream Spring Break on a budget.

Adventures Near:

1.) Those looking for an all-day adventure, Anacapa, the closest Channel Island to the mainland is just 12 miles from the Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard and is one of the most captivating places in Southern California. According to Island Packers, travel time to the island is around one hour. Tickets range from $59.00 to free depending on age. Trust us it’s well worth the trip! After recent storms, the island is glowing with wildflowers. Check out our friends at Island Packers for day trip options.

Channel Island adventures with Island Packers

2.) If you’re looking to experience the wild for a few hours with the entire family, Groupon is now offering a 3-hour Whale Watching Cruise in the pristine waters surrounding the Channel Islands National Park.

3.) For those who like to live life in the blink of an eye, paintball is a great escape from reality! Groupon is offering packages at Oxnards Paintball USA location. In a picturesque location with rolling hills, paintballers have the option of navigating through 14 different battlefields! After a grueling match, players can relax or refuel for another round at the picnic area.

4.) A good way to cruise around Ventura’s Historic Downtown and beautiful coast line is through Ventura Bike Depot! They offer various rentals including single and tandem cruisers and electric bikes! Visit Ventura recently took a trip across the scenic highway 101 to a local brewery on a few of Ventura Bike Depots electric bikes with raving reviews!

Ventura Harbor Escape Room

5.) An adventure to really push the limits, not for the faint of heart or those who are claustrophobic, The Escape Room in the Ventura Harbor is a fun and adventurous way to challenge your mind. There are multiple rooms, each with their own theme, your team will have 60 minutes to solve a series of puzzles using the elements of the room to escape.

Adventures Far:

1.) The vibrant spring blooms are taking over headlines near and far! The most captivating of them all is at Carrizo Plain National Monument located about three hours away from Ventura. The valley is filled with captivating hues of yellow and purple flowers. The rangers say mid-March to mid-April is the prime time to view these beautiful spring wildflowers.

Carrizo Plain National Monument

2.) Antelope Valley is known for its annual poppy bloom around the beginning of April and let me tell you, it is a must see! The once barren desert floor blossoms into a sea of orange. It is indescribable.

We'd love to hear what your plans for Spring Break are so we can add to our favorites!

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