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Dog Friendly in Ventura

Ventura is such a dog friendly town

In Ventura, the option of leaving your fur baby at home doesn’t apply! From breweries to countless parks and beaches, your best friends can comfortably join you for a day filled with adventure. With endless dog-friendly locations, it’s difficult to pick just a few, but our top 5 locations are:

1.San Buenaventura State Beach - Enjoy an early morning beach stroll along Ventura’s coastline with your best friend. San Buenaventura State Beach’s paved path stretches about two miles down the waterfront to the Ventura County Fairgrounds. It’s the perfect distance for a refreshing morning walk.

2. Arroyo Verde Park - Arroyo Verde is a family friendly park with lush green grass, countless hiking trails and an amazing view. There’s even a designated off-leash area Tuesday through Sunday from 6am to 9am for well behaved pups.

3. Marina Park - Enjoy a beach day with your fur babies! Marina Park has a large open grassy area with numerous seating arrangements and is beach accessible.

Ventura's Serra Cross Park

4. Cemetery Memorial Park- Catch the sunset at one of Downtowns most scenic vistas. An open seven-acre field with convenient trash cans and poo-bag stands, Cemetery Memorial Park is the perfect spot for some rest and relaxation with your fur babies. There are a few trees that do provide decent shade, but since the park is off leash fido won’t stay still for long.

5. Ventura Coast Brewery - After a long day exploring, stop by a local favorite where the staff loves dogs as much as they love their beer! VCBC is the newest hot spot in town to kick back with your four legged friend. Socialize with other fur parents as your fur babies relax after a long day.

Remember to DOO the right thing and pick up after your furry friends!

For a full set of locations visit click here

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