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Yoga Mat- Deep Clean

How to deep clean your yoga mat

I love all this rain we’ve been getting here in Ventura. While our outdoor practices have been limited, we’re just lucky to be able to do yoga outside in January. I've been noticing how dirty my mat ha been from the park classes lately. Our standard mat cleaner just wasn't cutting the mud that was stuck to it. I decided it was time for a deep clean for my mat and some of our park borrow mats.

How to Deep Clean Your Yoga Mat (guess I’m not the only one that needed a cleanse)

Fill your bathtub with warm water.

Clean yoga mats with dye free detergent

Add detergent. Make sure it is dye free.

Scrub yoga mat

Toss in your yoga mat. A sponge can come in handy to get any deep rooted dirt and grime.

Rinse yoga mat to remove any lingering soap

Drain the tub and give your mat a thorough rinse to remove any lingering soap.

I typically roll my mat around a towel to give it a good ring out. Then you can hang it over a doorway or out of direct sunlight outside.

Hang your yoga mat out to dry

Use our Homemade Mat Cleaner to help keep your mat clean in between baths.

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