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Founder: Jessy Raspiller

Our Story

Our story has been deeply woven around my own personal story.

Which never has really been a straight line.

Yoga found me in college in 2004. A few years would pass before a conversation in a lunch room would ignite this hunger inside of me. This conversation left me with an urge to understand the body from the lens of the Psoas muscle, but also to comprehend yoga's ability to tap into a subtle level of life I knew nothing about. Upon moving to Ventura in 2011, lonely + isolated I turned to yoga to find connection: to myself + to this community. In doing so I began to tap into the vast philosophy behind yoga, which would lead me to accept the calling into a yoga teacher training.

My teaching career began in 2014 with resistance, but was fueled by a persistent desire to help others discover what I was finding. Ventura Pop Up Yoga would begin 6 months later in the spring of 2015.  What began as a few friends meeting in the Wild studios that would become our home, quickly fanned to 100s of students joining us each week.

An evolution was underway when I  began hosting retreats in 2016 that were intended to invite people to step out of their comfort zones; exploring the  Channel Islands. In doing so I recognized the powerful transformations upon individuals in very short window of time. The connection to nature, whether that was at a Yoga in the Wild class or a deeper immersion spawned new life in the people that joined me. 


In 2018 I knew that I needed a deep immersion myself. Worn down by the constant desire to be in service and to support others was taking its toll on me. I spent the better part of the year traveling the world or living out of my car as I discovered the Western US. The theme was learning to trust my own intuition and I found that connection most predominately in nature.  During this time I invested in multiple trainings that extended beyond yoga and I challenged myself to connect with people outside of my typical sphere of influence. Constantly pushing myself out of my comfort zone physically, mentally and spiritually.  

It was from these moments that Venture Well began to take shape in my mind. 


How can we all draw from the abundance that the Well of Life offers?

How can we nourish life as an adventure filled with curiosities around every corner?

How can we connect + meet the like minded individuals that will uplift us on the hard days and cheer us onward in the triumphs?

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Now is the time that we can all begin to draw from this Well

Join me for the adventure that lay ahead. 

Wishing You Much Love + Many Adventures,

Jessy Raspiller


Life is a beautiful journey. I hope you Venture Well. 

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