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Wellness Wednesday- Odor Buster

Odor Buster- Carpet Cleaner

Living in a rental home with carpet and pets is not my favorite combination. I always feel like no matter how much vacuuming I do they’re (the carpet, not the pets) just never clean. I used to use this store bought carpet deodorizer and was feeling like I needed to restock. I just happened to look at the list of ingredients and realized I could make it at home AND with a lot less of a chemical smell!

Here is my concoction and a guide on how to use.

Summer Fresh Carpet Deodorizer:

Mason Jar

Baking Powder

Fresh Scented Essential Oil- I LOVE Lemon Eucalyptus for cleaning

Fill mason jar halfway with baking powder. Add 20-30 drops of essential oil. Screw on the lid and give the combination a good shake.

Now a couple of options… using a hammer and nails you can tap holes in the lid of your mason jar to use it as a shaker lid. Or you can do as I did and use a piece of paper and rubber band in the same fashion. Just poke some small holes in the paper and use the rubber band to secure around the lip of the jar.

Once you’ve got your mason jar and powder all set, shake the concoction generously over your carpet. You can allow the powder to sit on the carpet for 5-30 mins, but please keep your kiddos and pets clear of the powder. When you’re ready, grab the vacuum and simply vacuum as usual. Since baking soda is a natural deodorizer the solution will help absorb unwanted scents, while the essential oils will leave the fresh scent behind.

Sit back and enjoy your freshly “cleaned” carpets.

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