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Venture Well

Ventura's Premiere
Wellness Spa + Herbal Apothecary

Rooted in nature, the Venture Well flagship store, is intended to breathe new life into the Old Ways.  

We're reviving the lost arts + traditions.

Join us

  • 1:1 Sessions

  • Living Ritual Workshops

  • Pop Up Shop @ The Apothecary


1:1 Healing Sessions

Awaken your senses as you drift into a deep state of relaxation


Living Ritual Workshops

Infuse your everyday with the lost arts + traditions of your ancestors


Pop Up Apothecary

Once a month we open the apothecary to the public.  Join us!


Plants + Practices to Alchemize Lives


Somatic Herbalism

Somatic Herbalism is designed to help you reconnect with your body through nature. 


In our fast paced modern world, we guide you back to the stability of your most basic instincts.  In doing so you have the opportunity to renegotiate and recalibrate your life to align with your deepest desires


We offer a range of herbal remedies and practices that promote physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.

Let us help you connect with your body in the way nature intended.


Let's Connect

1548 E Main St

Ventura, CA

Need to get ahold of us?

Drop us a line here:

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