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Buena Vida :: Costa Rica

That Which Flows

A vacation is the intention to vacate oneself from everyday life.

A retreat is the invitation to step into oneself and discover the beauty, the fulfillment and strength that resides within, in order to return to everyday life refueled and thriving. 

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Buena Vida :: Costa Rica
Yoga + Surf Eco-Retreat

April 3-8th, 2022

We’re not offering you an escape.  We’re inviting you to discover a sense of freedom.


For thousands of years yoga has cultivated continuity within the mind, body and spirit.  For those that have dove into this practice, its principals have brought them to life in a unique way.  The breath, the philosophy, the movement are each unique teachers.

Buena Vida is about Self discovery.  This retreat is an opportunity to push out of your comfort zone; trying new things, discovering new places, and finding your people as you connect to a deeper sense of joy. Through this exploration, new pathways may be opened and systems recalibrated in a way that cultivates quality in life... those Buena Vida vibes


~Cheers to the good life~

We will spend 6 days + 5 nights in exploration.  Rolling out our mats, paddling out on surf boards, seated quietly in meditative reflection and equally adventuring towards a quality connection. 
The unique beach, meets the jungle landscape of Dominical, Costa Rica will encompass us. 
Rich locally sourced organic meals will nourish us. 
Like minded individuals will support us.

Cleanse your mind, body and spirit in this life giving retreat

Feeling Good Leads to Doing Good

5% of our retreat profits will go to covering our travel carbon footprint;

Community Carbon Trees

What’s Included:

  • Daily Yoga 1+ class offering a day

  • Daily Surfing (no experience necessary)- we will provide boards + lessons for those who need it (you’ll indicate your abilities and if you’re traveling with your own board upon registration)

  • Morning Meditation + Breathwork practices

  • Yoga Philosophy will be intertwined throughout our days together

  • Costa Rica 1/2 day experience (transportation + lunch included)

  • Sound Bath + Caoco closing ceremony

  • Full access to our private Luxury Eco-lodge. Each room is made from a salvaged shipping container.  We have 3 room choices.  You'll indicate your room preference on our registration form (please don't forget to note any friends that are joining us and that you'd like to request as your roommate)

  • Locally Sourced Fresh Vegetarian friendly meals.  Beginning Sunday at dinner and finishing with Friday’s breakfast (please indicate any dietary restrictions you may have on our registration form)

  • Free time to explore the local town or relax and nourish by the private pool

  • Transportation arrangements from San Jose to our retreat center (we will group book these shuttle transports upon receiving your flight info.  Please make note of flight requirements to take advantage of this complimentary service)

We wanted to make this adventure carefree.  

We've taken care of all the details... now we just need YOU.



What’s NOT Included:

  • Flights to and from Costa Rica- our registration will share further details on suggestions for booking flights so you arrive on time to our retreat center and don’t miss any of the final fun

  • Traveler’s Insurance- this is currently required by Costa Rica as part of their COVID-19 protocols, in case they need to close boarders due to the Pandemic. We will share a link and continue to update you for what you need to do prior to entry to the country.

  • Additional Excursions- you’ll have some downtime to book further local adventures.  These will be in addition to and at your own expense

  • Treatments- we will have some wellness treatments that you can individually book upon arrival.

  • Required Covid-19 testing pre/post retreat are not included in experience package.  Requirements are laid out fully in our bookings form, but if you have any specific questions prior to registration please don't hesitate to reach out directly:

Safety: physically, mentally and emotional are an important part of our time together.

We include an 'acknowledgement' of your responsibility to show up and support our gathering space, but please note the following:


-This will be a "clean" retreat

Drugs and alcohol will not be permitted within our sacred space.

-We continue to monitor US + Costa Rica Covid policies and will shift and adjust our protocols accordingly.  

We've minimized the attendance for this event, based on Oct 2021 protocol requirements.  You will find all participant requirements listed in our Acknowledgment page of our registration, but it is the responsibility of each attendee to ensure they meet the needs of entry and exit of Costa Rica.  

Any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.

All Inclusive

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Meet Your Hosts:

Jessy Raspiller

Founder of Ventura Pop Up Yoga and Venture Well Yoga in Ventura, CA.  Jessy has been teaching and leading retreats for 6+ years.

She believes that nature is our greatest teacher and when approached with a curiosity anything is possible

Learn More

  • Instagram

Maxwell Miller

A teacher in its purest form.

Maxwell not only teaches weekly at Ventura Pop Up Yoga, but is also a surf instructor at Ventura Makos and teaches at Ventura High.

Maxwell brings a vast knowledge of yoga philosophy and life studies to our retreat.


Adventure awaits...
you just need to decide how you'll rest up between the fun!

Our luxury eco-lodge has taken care of all of our human comforts so that we can relax, play and explore during our time together.
Each room is made from a salvaged shipping container with top quality mattresses, AC, Wifi, filtered water, etc.  Our facility has a private pool for our use for those downtimes when we want to relax and read or play some Marco Polo. 

~Eco-friendliness and Luxurious Comfort~
Which room suites you?


Triple Occupancy

Share your space in a King size room with 3 single beds, private bathroom, and unique patio space

All Inclusive 


Shared Queen

Share your space with someone you know in a Queen size room with a shared Queen bed, private bathroom, and unique patio space

All Inclusive


Double Occupancy

Share your space in a King size room with 2 beds, private bathroom, and unique patio space

All Inclusive 


Single Queen

Private space with  in a Queen size room with a Queen bed, private bathroom, and unique patio space

All Inclusive


Is Buena Vida what you’ve been seeking? 
Not just another vacation that leaves you exhausted, but rather a retreat that leaves you renewed.


Imagine standing at the edge of a precipice. The steep drop in front of you rises to a vast incline on the opposite side of the crevice.  There is this sense within you, this knowing that on that vista lies the unique joy and fulfillment you’ve been longing for. As you gaze to the horizon, the gap of where you are and where you long to be, may seem impossible.  To arrive to this sacred place requires a daring act of trust that you can only find within... but the key to the journey that lies before you is that you don't have to navigate it alone.


Close your eyes. 

Take an inhale. 

Upon your exhalation…

Are you prepared to take the leap of trust?!

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