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/SHift/ a slight change in perspective


A collective group of women working to discover a more enriching way to be alive through movement, community, guided activities, and the sacred art of photography. 


The Shift
A 8 Week Wellness Immersion for Women

Fridays 10:30-12pm
January 14-March 4th, 2022

The Shift is an invitation to discover a deeper sense of who you are.  Breaking through molds of who you were shown you ”should” be and extracting the truth that’s within the core of who you really are.  From this center we begin to build an incredible sense of Self Trust [confidence], in a way that we may have never known.  It’s within this trust that we can give ourselves permission to live from a space that honors our uniqueness and begin to create + work from a deeper sense of our true purpose.


Living a purpose filled life brings incredible fulfillment into our everyday worlds.  It helps us build stronger relationships with family and friends, while giving us more energy to mother our children. It builds confidence in our businesses and careers.  We learn our YES and we have firm boundaries with our ‘HELL NOs’. We realize we don’t always need to seek guidance outwards, when we can begin to look within to make life’s big and subtle decisions.


The Shift will ask you to make a commitment to the one person we have the most difficulty keeping promises to: Self.  Through this journey we will explore mentally, physically, emotionally and even spiritual ways that we can begin to awaken to a life more intrinsically fulfilled.


You’ll step into this immersion with a commitment to yourself, but with a room full of like minded women that you can create a support system around the walls you’re breaking down.  

Together we will own when things are hard.  

We will step into the discomforts of examining our lives and making the big and little Shifts that we desire.  

Together we will make The Shift

A journey to shift from where you are to where you want to be, by bringing forth what is already within

In a world that has forced us inward, that has forced us into disconnection, how do we make the Shift back towards a deeper connection?

The Immersion

What to Expect:

8 weeks of work... but in the most fun, inspired, and uplifting way.

The Pre-Cursor:

Nicole will reach out to you prior to our first meeting to schedule your Intimate Mini Photo session.  This will be the initial invitation to begin to see yourself through new eyes and make The Shift through any discomforts that may come up.  Nicole is there to coach and guide you through this initial experience as well as the others to come.  The vision is by the 3rd session you'll so fully know yourself that nothing will stop you from radiating within the expereince.

We Begin:


Friday, January 14th we kick things off with a light welcome brunch from 10:30-12pm.  This gathering will be a meet and greet of the group.  We will set expectations + get clear on our individual intentions.  We will discuss any reservations or fears that may bubble to the surface now and throughout our time together... including the first assignment with Nicole. This environment will be a safe space to explore and unveil the deeper work you're stepping into.

What Happens from Here:

  • You will join our private WhatsApp chat, so that between sessions we can continue the conversations and connections, and support to lean into. We will also use this platform to sprinkle in some journaling prompts for you to continue the integration.

  • Each week on Fridays at 10:30 we will meet for a movement practice.  Alternating between cycling with Ali at The Movement Studio and practicing Yoga with Jessy at her Wellness Space.  These will be 45-60min classes available for ALL LEVELS... truly no experience is necessary, and to be honest if one or both of these practices seem slightly intimidating then let us remind you that you weren't meant to live your life in your Comfort Zone.


January 21st, 28th,

February 4th, 11th, 18th (10:30-2pm to allow for an extended gathering project), 25th

  • After our weekly movement practice we will open up a dialogue between the theme for that week.  We will engage in conversation, reflections of the previous week, and integrate some tools + resources for you to integrate into the week to come.

  • Throughout this immersion you will have 3 Intimate Photo sessions with Nicole.  These images will be an evolution.  She will work with you over the 8 weeks to build confidence and to physically capture images of your unique Shift.

  • Included in your registration will be a personalized photo package which will serve as a continued reminder of just what you're capable of. Some of these images can be used to grow your business and some of these images may be just for your eyes only.

  • As well so many other surprises we will sprinkle into our time together.

Shift Happens:

  • On the evening of March 4th we will host one more formal gathering.  This will be a celebration.  A time to reflect, to share and continue to connect.

From here the possibilities are endless.

What happens next will be all dependent on where The Shift takes each individual.


However we hope that the end is just merely a new beginning.

A continued invitation for us to continue to stay connected + collaborating in life and all the ways. ​​

We invite you to make the Shift

Sign me up!

Meet Your Hosts:

We've each gone through our own journeys to arrive where we are now.  We've invested the time + the money on ourselves and countless resources that have ultimately culminated in a life that most aligns with who and what we're meant to be and share in this life.

Who is The Shift for?



Ali is the creator and owner of The Movement, Ventura’s only boutique cycling studio, a cute little space Downtown, born out of her mission to empower people through Movement, Music and Motivation. Ali has been a group fitness instructor in Ventura for many years, teaching everything from barre, strength training, HIIT, pilates and everything in between. Over the course of her career, she used her background in dance to develop a unique indoor cycling format guided by the beat and driven by the power of collaboration with others toward a common goal. 

Ali is also a mom to two boys, Wade (9) and Van (7) and loves hanging out with her family in her free time, going to the beach, playing golf with her husband Bryan and spooning on the couch with her dog Bodhi. 



Nicole is a Ventura native and her photography is focused on Boudoir. She strives to bring a high level of comfort and ease to sessions that can often be vulnerable and nerve racking. Nicole is here to capture a side of us we often lose touch with - our sexy and sensual side. The Boudoir experience brings so much empowerment, confidence, and a new found sense of self. As you make the shift Nicole is here to help capture the you that’s been waiting to be released. 



Jessy began her yoga journey back in 2005.  The curious nature of the physical practiced coaxed her along, until a teacher opened up her world to the philosophy behind the practice.  At that moment it was as if the transformative journey she'd been on finally had a foundation to grow from.  In 2014 she dove into her first teacher training.  By the end of the first weekend she knew she needed to extend these teachings to many.

In the spring of 2015 she launched Ventura Pop Up Yoga, Ventura's first and only outdoor yoga studio.  The elements of nature woven with the ancient teachings of yoga created a platform that has reached 1,000 of individuals; both new and seasoned to the practice.

Jessy has gone on to continue her education and has over 1000 hours in yoga + healing modalities including: Breathwork, Meditation, Life Qi Renewal, + Trauma Informed Yoga.


"I look forward to the relationship that we can build through our shared experiences"

  • If you've have the awareness that patterns or habits keep replaying through your timeline, this is an opportunity to break the molds.

  • If you have incredible dreams, but stop yourself just short from obtaining them, this is your chance to find the inner courage and momentum to show up!

  • If you feel like over the past year and a half you've changed and aren't quite sure where and with who you fit into this world, we can guarantee you'll be surrounded by like minded women who will be looking for someone like you in their inner sphere of influence.

  • If the 'Enoughism' plays on a shuffled loop throughout your mind, we will explore new tools that will allow you to tap into just how EXTRA you are.

  • If you're in an exploratory frame of mind and want to expand upon your abilities to more intentionally connect through mind, body, and spirits... let's get Curious.

If you're ready to get vulnerable and take a flying leap of trust


Make an Investment in yourSelf

What you'll receive for an investment in your Time + Money

  • 8 Weeks to show up + commit to yourSelf

  • 3 Intimate Mini Photo Sessions with Nicole of Wise Photography.  

  • 3 Cycling Classes with Ali Trowbridge of The Movement Ventura

  • 3 Yoga Classes with Jessy Raspiller of Ventura Pop Up Yoga

  • 8 Community Gatherings to connect with like minded women, discuss our focused theme of the week, and through these connections a deep sense of belonging.

  • 3 Noshes: we will host a few extended gathers that will allow us to nosh + nourish together over a shared feast (please let us know any food aversions or allergies you may have in our registration form)

  • A WhatsApp Invitation that will keep us together and continuing to grow in our own Inner Work between gatherings. 

  • 1 Photo Album that will be yours to reflect upon this journey we share, long after we close our formal immersion.

  • A journal will be provided to capture you experiences. 


**Space will be limited to 15 women**

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