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Meet Lauren Prendergast

We are so excited for you to meet Lauren. I was introduced to her this Winter while at Aum Vibe in Downtown. We hit it off immediately and share many of the same passions.

Lauren is warm hearted and an incredibly educated teacher. Her and her husband, Cameron will be co-teaching our Saturday 9:30am class. Not only are we so excited to bring Saturday mornings back, but these two are going to put a special twist on our traditional practices each week.

We look forward to sharing Lauren with you very soon. Make sure you take a moment to download our new app and get signed for her and Cams, Saturday Sessions!

Name: Lauren Prendergast

B-day: 7/18/86

Hometown: Ventura!!!

Tell us about the evolution of your yoga practice: I began yoga as a way to help with back pain and to get a workout. It quickly transitioned into my ally to help me cope with my trauma and heal. It has since become less of a physical practice and more of an embodied way of being.

What’s one thing you wish you could tell yourself when you began your yoga practice: Just because you have a hard time doing a pose or a practice doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you, it simply means there is an opportunity for self inquiry. What can you learn about yourself?

Why do you teach yoga: I teach yoga to connect to others in a deeper way but also to help them connect to themselves. I love when I see a lightbulb moment in a student or when their practice becomes more than the poses; you know that you are helping them on their journey to peace.

How long have you taught: I’ve been teaching since 2012, so about 8 years.

If you could have lunch with any inspiration individual (dead or alive) who and why: Someone who I’ve recently been inspired and felt connected to is Alicia Keys. She released a book about learning to become her more authentic self. Having the freedom to be unapologetically you is so admirable to me that I would want to absorb any wisdom she had to help me be myself fully.

Favorite Treat: mochi cake from Peace Cafe (a delicious vegan restaurant in Hawaii)

Favorite Book: This may be Cliché but I love Eat Pray Love. That book just makes my heart sing.

How many countries have you been to: 3

Spirit Animal: Cameron says I’m an otter because I’m sweet, cute and harmless and I like to float on my back, lol.

One thing we don’t know about you: I lived in Hawaii for 8 years and apart of my heart is still there.

Our question is, what do you think is Cameron's spirit animal?!


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