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Wellness Wednesday- All Natural Bug Spray

All Natural Mosquito Bug Spray

Writing this weekly blog is always making me pause before I buy a new product, and question if I can make it myself and as effectively as a store bought product. While I was cruising the glorious aisles of REI before my camping trip I realized I should grab some bug spray. REI has products ranging from 100% DEET to all natural solutions. With all the concerns about mosquitoes these days I just really wanted to keep those buggers off of me.

I went back and forth with which kind of “potency” of bug spray I needed. That 100% DEET product can certainly help you avoid the mosquitos and any of the health concerns they present. But on the other hand DEET itself has become such a controversial chemical that some recommend not using at all. So do I risk the mosquitoes poisoning me or the toxic chemicals?! Sometimes I feel like were damned if we do and damned if we don’t (pardon my French)

That’s where this thing called balance comes in. Knowing in the end that I’m traveling to Yosemite where there isn’t currently a Zica outbreak; this trip I could opt for the all-natural solution. Even better since I opted for the all-natural solution, why not make it myself? The all natural solution on the shelf had all ingredients I had at home, except Citronella oil. With some further research, here is the mosquito spray that I put together for my trip.

All Natural Mosquito Repellent:

1 Glass Spray Bottle (size to your needs; preferable not clear as this helps maintain the oil’s integrity)

½ Witch Hazel

½ Water (distilled is preferred)

10 drops Lemongrass

10 drops Eucalyptus

20 drops Citronella

Pour everything into the glass bottle. Give a little shake. Spritz as needed.

In my research there are several oils that help repel mosquitoes. These were the three that worked for me and that I had on hand. You can also try this same base mixture with Lavender for ticks, fleas and flys. Peppermint works wonders on spiders and ants. While Patchouli is great for pesky gnats.

What are your homemade bug solutions? We would love to hear if you try this recipe or another one out.

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