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Wellness Wednesday- Your Peace is Your Power!

Wellness Wednesday "Your Peace is Your Power" Wellness is all encompassing of the body and mind. Yoga is transformative not only from a physical space on our mats but over time our off the mat practice can start to transform us in so many ways we never thought possible. Our very own Erin Clow shared this beautiful and so very powerful post. It gave us chills and we read it three times as it slowly sunk in how significant her reflection is. Friends,

Sometimes I think my daughter is my spirit animal. I took this photo a few weeks ago on a spontaneous Friday evening at the beach, watching the sunset, searching for sea glass and heart shaped rocks. This image pretty much sums up how I feel about life in this moment.

Yesterday was my birthday: the first day, of the last year, of my 30's. I woke up in the morning so full of gratitude, love, faith and trust that I could simultaneously cry tears of joy and sing at the top of my lungs, life is THAT awesome. However, to be totally honest, the past nine years have been some of the most challenging, heartbreaking, excruciating years of my life.

I spent the majority of my 30's paralyzed by fear; afraid my family would lose our home, afraid my marriage would end, afraid of being alone, afraid I would never be able to support my children, afraid I couldn't run a business on my own, afraid of failure, afraid I would never experience love again, afraid I wasn't enough. I gave FEAR power over my life and it completely immobilized me. I spent nearly an entire decade ashamed and afraid of my choices and the next steps.

Then, at some point last year, I had a small awakening. Yes, we lost our home. And my marriage did end. I closed my business and changed jobs and industries multiple times. I was broke... But I was also HERE. After all of my greatest fears came true, I was still here. And I was fine. The fear that controlled my life for so many years didn't protect me, it's wasn't an armor that kept bad things from happening. Instead it was a giant weight that kept me from moving on, kept me from healing, kept me from having power over my life. Last year, I decided I wanted that power back. For me, the only way to regain that power, regain myself, was to embrace everything that fear was not: GRATITUDE. FAITH. LOVE. TRUST.

I practiced shifting every fearful thought into gratitude, faith, love and trust... And that practice has shifted my life. Like my daughter in this photo, I am finally standing strong, letting life move around me with ease, acknowledging the end of a decade that taught me so much, and letting go of it with gratitude, faith, love and trust.

My peace is my power.

Hugs, Erin

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