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Wellness Wednesday- Coconut Oil... the solution for everything!

Wellness Wednesday Coconut Oil: Natures remedy for just about everything! We thought it would be fun to share some unique ways the VPUY team loves to use this easily accessible solution. Check out our tips and then PLEASE share your own below! Here are 10 uses for Coconut Oil... Outside of the kitchen: 1. Lotion- Margaux applies after the shower to lock in moisture. Bonus is it has a natural SPF built in. We like this Vita Coconut Oil for the bathroom since it has a nice wide opening to fit our hands in and get every last bit of oil from the bottom of the jar. 2. Coffee Creamer- Jen craves a spoonful of coconut oil to her coffee every morning. Bonus is to toss your coffee in the blender and the coconut makes a yummy frothy morning treat. 3. Dog Allergies-Itchy skin? Biting at their paws? Jessy cleared her dogs allergies by adding a small dollop of coconut oil once a day to her dogs food. 4. Oil Pulling- Natures mouthwash. Use coconut oil for this daily routine. 5. Shaving Cream- Keep a container (non glass... believe us a broken jar of coconut oil in the shower is no fun) of oil in the shower for easy access to this silky shaving cream. 6. Popcorn- Fun Fact: most movie theatre popcorn used to be cooked in coconut oil. Let's bring back that childhood aroma and make some healthy snacks. 7. Sports Drink- Try adding coconut oil and some chia seed to your water for healthy burst of energy. Bonus add fresh fruit to get that sweet taste that the sugary sports drinks offer. 8. Lip Balm- Heather loves to swipe some coconut oil on her lips for a natural chapstick. Any left over oil can be rubbed into cuticles for a nice nail treat! 9. Diaper Rash- apply to rash area. The moisturizing and antibacterial properties will help relieve the area. 10. Bath - Erin swears by a bath mixed with coconut oil once a week. Helps with the dry skin of the winter. Bonus is you can lather up your hair while soaking to help with split ends. Tip- Look for a good quality oil that is cold pressed and 100% organic. We keep a jar of this in our kitchen, bathroom, office, and soon to be nursery.

***It's important to remember that everyone's bodies are different. What worked for one person (or pet) may not work for you. Please consult a doctor before approaching any holistic replacements to those things prescribed by a doctor! We're yoga teachers, not medical professionals***

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