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Teacher Feature

Each month we're featuring our fantastic teachers, their incredible attributes as well as raising money for a non-profit that is near and dear to them.

May : Off the Mat Series

w. Emily Dixon

After a brief, unfulfilling stint in law school in 2015, Emily returned home to Ventura to find herself again and stumbled upon Ventura Pop Up Yoga. After a few classes she was hooked. The reason why she fell in love with this practice is unnameable; it just felt like coming home. Today she has been teaching with VPUY for two years and is focused on offering her students a deeper, heart-centered experience of yoga “beyond the asana.” Through music and mantra, she now hopes to help her students feel empowered to find their own voices and discover their connection to yoga in a new way.


Emily's Featured Event:

Chanting from the Heart

May 15 2-3:15pm

Spend the afternoon learning to chant from your heart with your own unique voice. No experience necessary


Emily's May Non-Profit:

Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles



CHIRLA was founded in 1986 to advance the human and civil rights of immigrants and refugees. CHIRLA was envisioned as a place for organizations and individuals concerned with human rights to work together on policies to advance justice and full inclusion for all immigrants.

CHIRLA works to advance the human and civil rights of immigrants and refugees. Their priorities include but are not limited to: humane immigration reform, access to healthcare and education, labor rights for immigrant workers, and ending the criminalization and Draconian mass detention of immigrants. CHIRLA provides free and low cost legal services, hosts community outreach and education programs, and lobbies for policies at all levels of government that invest in immigrants and refugees.


Why Emily chose CHIRLA?

Anti-immigrant sentiments have always been part of the fabric of this country.  However, the impact of President Trump’s words about immigrants has been a deluge of hate and ugliness unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Though many groups are affected, southern California residents are primarily witnessing the effects on the Latino population. I’m a proud Mexican American and this is an opportunity for me to use my time and talents to serve my people.


I’m disappointed that the treatment of immigrants in this country has been framed as a partisan issue.  All human beings deserve dignity and respect. Standing up for immigrant rights is an opportunity for us to take our yoga off the mat. We must apply the yamas and niyamas not only to this issue, but to all the other issues that touch our hearts as well. 

Two ways to support Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles this month:

  • Donate to our overall fundraising efforts; below via Paypal or Venmo @YogaintheWild with a description of the funds your sending 

  • Join us on May 26th at 6pm.  Proceeds from registration at Emily's 6pm weekly practice will go towards our greater fundraising efforts.

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