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Venture Well Yoga


It's been an honor serving + growing the Ventura yoga community for the past 9 years.
At this time we've completed our journey of hosting daily yoga practices, in order to make space for our Wellness projects.

  • If you'd like to further understand this change please scroll to the entry dated June 1st, 2023.

  • If you have a financial investment with us please read entry dated June 30th, 2023

June 30th, 2023

To everyone who has invested time + money into this community yoga space over the years,Thank you!

It's truly been an honor to be apart of the growth of yoga in Ventura + beyond. When I began hosting park classes for friends the summer of 2014, the choices to practice yoga in this town were so limited. The ones that were available, presented many obstacles for entry. My vision for offering donation park classes was to remove the barriers to entry. As I reflect back upon the work I've done, the lives we've touched and the thousands of classes we've hosted... I can see that we far exceeded any expectations I could have head 9 years ago.


I'm grateful that I've been able to create a ripple of wellness into this community through the physical practice of yoga. In this next chapter I'm looking forward to opening the doors to continue to enrich lives + breed new opportunities to 

Live Well + Venture Well.




In the meantime, I have some business to take care of.


For those that have not had the opportunity to use their class packs they invested we have two options for you:


To Request a Refund

**PLEASE NOTE :: Refunds will not be automated. If you wish to receive a refund for the portion of unused classes please take the following steps.  The partial refund is calculated on the packages total value divided by the amount of class packs purchased, minus the value per class that was used from the pack.


If you use the app:

  1. Login and navigate to your profile

  2. Click 'Subscriptions'

  3. You'll be able to see active as well as expired* class packs; single sessions, 5 + 10 packs. 

  4. Please navigate to the message section of the app to send us a Direct Message. In the message let us know you still have active unused classes that you're requesting a refund for.

  5. We will processes these requests as they come in. Please allow 3-5 business days for the refund to hit your credit card or PayPal account. Please note that money will be returned to the account that you paid from.

*Expired class packs are not eligible for refunds. There will be no exceptions made. Upon purchase you acknowledged the time in which you had to use these class credits.


If you use the website:

 IF you have a profile setup on you can login and navigate the same steps as above

If you don't log into our website and are not sure how to view your personal profile you can send me an email to You must include the following so that I can ensure I have the correct account:

  1. Subject: Request for Refund 

  2. In the email please include the full name that would be attached to typical credit card transactions + the email associated with your purchase. This is important because we can search for your account by both your email or the name of the purchaser. Often times an individuals login names doesn't match the name on a purchaser.

  3. We will processes these requests as they come in. Please allow 3-5 business days for the refund to hit your credit card or PayPal account. Please note that money will be returned to the account that you paid from.

*Expired class packs are not eligible for refunds. There will be no exceptions made. Upon purchase you acknowledged the time in which you had to use these class credits.



Alternatively we are offering 

Wellness Credits


If you'd like to keep your investment with Venture Well your class credits can be rolled over to the Wellness Spa. Class credits (the portion unused) can be applied to a future Wellness Appointment with Jessy Raspiller.


You can do one of two things:

  1. Request an appointment now

  2. Use your active credits before expiration at a future date. No action required at this time.


**Please note that you'll see a very limited schedule for bookings in July, you can scroll ahead to august to request your appointment.  We're taking a short hiatus to get the public portion of the business in order for our formal opening in August.

I look forward to this next chapter. In turning this page, yoga exists as a living practice for me.  Its through the teachings of yoga that I've been inspired to dig deeper into the core of who I am and consider the greatest way I can continue to serve this community and beyond for years to come.


I look forward to sharing this next Venture with you all.


Much Love,

Jessy Raspiller

June 1st, 2023

Dear Community

We’ve come to a time + place where I’m leaning into a great sense of TRUST.  Many of you have heard me teach about the great leap of Hanuman.  His story reminds us that we all come to points in time where great decisions must be made.  He teaches us to trust the deeper wisdom + the guidance we feel within, when we stand at the ledge of the unknown.  Often times these leaps won’t yet make sense to those around us, but we know in our hearts that we must TRUST what we’re being shown.


I’ve been standing at this ledge for some time now.  Looking for alternate options or even a bridge.  But alas the decision that must be made from my heart is the one that I must share with you today.


As of June 30th Venture Well will end our journey of teaching yoga (asana/movement)

in order to expand upon our Wellness Teachings + Offerings.


My hope is that we can spend the next month together, cherishing all that has been.  I know for those of you reading this, that this community holds a special place in your heart + is possibly part of your own story learning to leap.


This is the most difficult email I’ve ever written.  A big part of me wants to hit delete, but my heart knows that this is the way. I hope that the way I've led over the past 8 years can a testament for how I intend to use my energy going forward. There is more work to be done and I remind myself that “the energy that it took to get you here, is your fuel to propel you”


My visions for the future of Venture Well is still steeped in the wisdom of yoga.  We will continue to offer our Wellness Retreats + Wellness Sessions, as well as some new things to come.  I’ll share more of this as we Venture Onward.  In the meantime I want to share what happens next.


Our June schedule remains the same.  Classes are ON + your teachers are excited to see you pack the parks (and the Ocean Studio) for this final month!


If you are invested in Venture Well here’s what you need to know:


Memberships- After today all Memberships will been turned off ‘auto-renewal’. This will allow our long time members unlimited classes until their current month comes to an end.  As your membership renewal date comes up, you will have the option to purchase Drop in Classes.


Class Package Owners- We encourage you to take this month to soak up the yoga you invested in.  At the end of the month we will reach out with options for anyone with remaining investments in yoga classes and offer a refund for remaining classes or credit toward future wellness offerings.  We will not take assumed action as it is the responsibility of the purchaser to let us know how to proceed.  All refunds or credits will be offered after June 30th.


Drop In Class- For anyone not in an active membership or owning a class pack, this is your option to join classes for the month of June.


Venture Well Wellness Sessions - nothing changes



Our final yoga offering to you is to end as we began:  

July 1st 9:30am join us for FREE yoga at Marina Park.



We look forward to sharing in hugs + tears over the next month, with all of you who have helped us build this community over the years. I'm beyond grateful for the 8 years of serving + growing the Ventura Yoga Community. Witnessing students, growing into teachers, who became friends that have become my family... it has been the greatest joy of my life.


Much Love,

Jessy Raspiller

The Venture Well Family

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