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Somatic Mentorship

The 1:1 mentorship provides personalized support and guidance through life's transitions and curiosities.


Let's unbecome...

I grew up in small town Arizona.  The nature of my  youth was fairly idyllic, romping around the barren desert, discovering the treasures of pink quartz in layers of dried mud and the fortress that only the Palo Verde tree could conjure.  


Like most humans there came a certain age that I drifted from that which was Natural; maybe it was a desire to fit in, maybe it was the busy nature of keeping up with school and activities.  But my curiosity slowly dissolved and with it an element of me went dormant.

In our youth there is a deep connection to the elements. The age of innocence is full of curiosities and unhindered exploration as we learn the boundaries and limitations of this human experience.


I struggled all through my 20s to understand WHAT AM I DOING HERE?  I had a great job, a job that eventually moved me to Ventura.  But even as a rising star in my career I caught myself often whispering “there has to be something more”

I don’t know if I found yoga or yoga found me, but it was the only thing that kept me anchored during that time… and over time it began to do something to me.  A familiar curiosity began to tickle the back of my mind.  The favored question of a 3 year old “but why” kept chasing me when I’d roll up my mat.  WHY did I feel so good?  WHY could I access my emotions (tears) during class but not other times?  WHY did I want to read every book that had ever been written about this practice?

I’ve spent the last decade chasing, often running full force towards anything that felt like answers.  I spent hours, days and even weeks of my summer reconnecting with the land on some kind of modern day Vision Quest.  


Through this last decade I’ve studied THOUSANDS of hours of Ancient Modalities ranging from Yoga + Meditation, to Qi Renewal, Somatics, Western Constitutional Herbalism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and all the self studied I steeped myself in hundred of books.

In conclusion and I suppose reflection I’ve made two proper observations about human kind and this ache.


  1. We are all longing to come home to Nature and build a healthy relationship with the natural elements.

  2. We all come into this body with a mission… or a deep sense of purpose.


It’s up to each of us to come back home to that curious nature and begin to unearth the most natural way to be in Right Relationship with ourSelf + Nature.  That will look different for each of us, but through an open heart and persistent exploration we can begin to uncover all that was meant for us.

I invite you into your own curious Nature and together we discover a deeper relationship to your own personal desires and destinies.​

Experience the transformative power of our Somatic Mentorship program both in person + online.

Ideal Clients:

  • Curiosity to Deepen a Relationship with Plant Allies to Enhance Your Unique World

  • Ready to Take a Leap 

  • Building a Brand Around Your Passions

  • Facing a Big Life Transition

Ask me about my Retreat Mentorship if you're Dreaming of Hosting a Retreat to enhance your client experience

Let's setup a call + explore the possibilities.
By filling out the application you aren’t committing to anything beyond your curiosities.
This call will allow us to 
explore the relationship we may build and grow together and charter specific intentions you may have.

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